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February • 2021

International Dawn to Dusk Competition 2021

Start planning for some fun and a challenge!


With general aviation grounded across vast parts of the Globe, many of us have put all thoughts of flying to the back of our minds whilst we concentrate on the day to day challenges that face us in the current climate. Indeed, these are difficult times for us all.

However, we must look forward to a time when we can return to the skies, to enjoy the aircraft, our passion for flying and make use of the licences we worked so hard to gain.

So perhaps this might be the moment to start considering a flying challenge, to start planning for your next flying adventure…

A Great Opportunity to further your Flying…

The Dawn to Dusk competition is a great opportunity to further your flying, to expand your horizons and gives you the excuse you need to have the flying adventure you have always wanted.


The Competition…

The Objective of Dawn to Dusk is to encourage the most interesting employment of a Flying Machine within the limits of competent airmanship and to demonstrate the capabilities of pilot and machine in a day’s flying, in the hours between Dawn and Dusk, whilst undertaking an original and praiseworthy objective.


So what does that mean for me as a Competitor?

You have to set yourself a challenging goal and then go and fly it. The mission or task is yours to choose. It could be an area you are particularly interested in, a piece of your country’s history or something related to the current era. The challenges that people have set themselves over the years vary enormously but they are always unique because everybody sees the world differently.

The key is to research a subject and couple it with a flying adventure.




Present it?

You’ll need to write and submit a log which will be scutinised by the Panel of Judges. They will be looking at the following:

  • Planning – Originality, research of the subject chosen and flight planning
  • Flying – Airmanship and the difficulty of the chosen task
  • Safety – Threat & Error Management and equipment on board
  • The Log – Create an informative, accurate and engaging log of the challenge undertaken
  • Handicapping – Pilot and crew’s experience, ability, aircraft type and the weather conditions

The Results and Winners

It is the taking part that counts of course! That is a reward in itself.

All entrants are invited to a Presentation of Awards Reception and Dinner at the RAF Club in Central London. This is expected to take place in February 2022.

There are some cash prizes. 1st Prize is £1000, 2nd Prize £500 and 3rd Prize £250

There are also some beautiful trophies including the Duke of Edinburgh Trophy for the winning entry.



Where can I find more information?
Click here to be taken to the Dawn to Dusk websiteWhat have other people down in the past?
The website has a list of previous winners and their themes. Don’t be too concerned about your theme or subject. If you pick something you enjoy, that will come bursting through in your log.What is the deadline for getting it all done?
The usual deadline to submit your log is by the end of August each year but we are extending this to the end of September 2021 given the current circumstances. If you don’t manage to get it all done on time, you can still complete it and submit it later and your entry will go into next year’s competition.Are there any minimum requirements?
Yes, the website will give you all the details but you will need to fly a minimum of 4 hours.Is there an entry fee?
No, you are not charged to submit an entry into the competition.I am interested in entering the competition! What do I do next?
Go to the Dawn to Dusk Competition website (click here) and click on the How to Enter tab. Enter your details and we’ll send you the official entry form.

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