The Daher TBM 940 delivers the ultimate experience in private aircraft ownership.

July • 2021

The new Daher TBM 940 delivers unrivalled performance, impressive design and now, HomeSafe™, an emergency Autoland system that can guide the aircraft to a landing in the event of pilot incapacitation.

Crafted for Aviators, the TBM 940 is the first turboprop equipped in the world with full auto-pilot integration. It’s Autothrottle integrated system automates the engine power control and monitoring in a innovative single lever control design.

The TBM 940 is equipped with Garmin’s G3000 Flight Deck and TBM E-Copilot delivering and ergonomic cockpit designed to reduce the pilot’s workload.

The TBM 940 has a max range of 1730nm, max cruise speed of 330 kts and a max payload of 1400lbs, performance specifications that can take you wherever you want to go as comfortably, safely and efficiently as possible.

Columbia Aircraft Sales, Inc. is your exclusive factory authorized dealer for the Daher TBM product line. Contact us today to arrange your showing or demo today.  Only two deliveries remaining for the year and we will sell out.


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