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Private Flyer : Connect is a new email marketing platform, designed to help brands or private sellers to reach a targeted audience of 15,000 + Pilots and Aviators.

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Send to 30,000 + Pilots and Aviators

Connect: 1

Dedicated Email Alert for 1 solus campaign



Connect: 4

Dedicated Email Alert sent every quarter over a period of a year

$70.00 per month

for 12 months or pay now total $755


Connect: 12

Dedicated Email Alert sent every month over a period of a year

$80.00 per month

for 12 months  (with $500.00 initial deposit) or pay now total $1,315


Connect: Campaign

Dedicated Email Marketing campaign set for regular promotions over a short space of time. Ideal for seasonal offers, pre-event build up promotions or a tailored sales campaigns   Enquire for pricing





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    Alex Ayling

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    Roxana Ayling

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